EdgeIX brings Netflix closer to your customers!

EdgeIX, a leading independent operator of settlement-free, multi-lateral layer 2 internet exchanges, is pleased to announce the general availability of Netflix Open Connect Appliances (OCAs) on our Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney fabrics.

The Netflix OCAs aim to provide Netflix subscribers with the highest-quality viewing experience possible, by partnering with ISPs and IXPs to provide high-speed, low-latency access to vast amounts of Netflix content through the localised deployment of OCA hardware.

Joe Wooller, EdgeIX Technical Manager, said “We are excited that Netflix has chosen EdgeIX to host the latest deployment of their Open Connect Appliances in Australia. With the OCAs connected to the EdgeIX fabric, EdgeIX peers now have direct access to Netflix content over their existing EdgeIX ports, conserving transit capacity and providing customers who are also Netflix subscribers with a better user experience!"

EdgeIX trial ports are also available on a no-obligation basis to all new networks who are interested in connecting to our peering fabric and testing the benefits of the OCAs for their customers.

FOR PEERS: The Netflix OCAs operate on an explicit opt-in basis. To opt-in at all EdgeIX locations, routes must be announced to the EdgeIX Route Servers and tagged with a BGP community value of 40027:40000 (this community is specific to the OCAs).

If you would prefer to opt-in to content servers on a per-state basis, you can use the following BGP communities (these will automatically add the Netflix community prior to advertising the prefixes to the local OCA):

24305:61290 Sydney Content Opt-in
24305:61390 Melbourne Content Opt-in
24305:61590 Adelaide Content Opt-in
24305:61790 Brisbane Content Opt-in
24305:61890 Perth Content Opt-in

If you’re interested in getting connected to the fastest growing internet exchange in Asia Pacific, with connectivity now available at 21 locations, please contact our team via peering@edgeix.net or via our Discord Server.

About EdgeIX: EdgeIX is an independent operator of multi-lateral layer 2 internet exchanges across Australia. With a focus on enabling connectivity to under-served regional markets, and with over 20 years industry experience in the telecommunications space and operation of internet exchanges, our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class products and services.