EdgeIX Launches in Auckland!

EdgeIX, a leading independent operator of settlement-free, multi-lateral layer 2 internet exchanges, is pleased to announce the launch of its peering fabric in New Zealand.

Joe Wooller, EdgeIX Technical Manager, said “Our expansion to New Zealand is a result of our continued focus on our foundational service - the provision of access to our best in class, low-cost, low latency, high bandwidth peering fabric. While our initial locations are in Auckland, we look forward to growing our fabric across New Zealand so that all network operators, their customers, and the internet community as a whole can benefit through the improved delivery of content and services over EdgeIX.”

EdgeIX Auckland will initially start with two points of presence, located at Datavault and DataCentre220, with other locations to follow. The fabric has already welcomed 16 inaugural peers who are connected or currently undergoing the provisioning process.

Further, in celebration of the launch, EdgeIX will provide all interested network operators with free peering services on EdgeIX Auckland until September 2024. This offer is available immediately across all port speeds - 10G, 40G and 100G - and EdgeIX can facilitate on-demand enablement and provisioning of new or additional peering ports.

If you’re interested in getting connected to the fastest growing internet exchange in Asia Pacific, with connectivity now available at 22 locations, please contact our team via peering@edgeix.net or via our Discord Server.

About EdgeIX: EdgeIX is an independent operator of multi-lateral layer 2 internet exchanges across Australia. With a focus on enabling connectivity to under-served regional markets, and with over 20 years industry experience in the telecommunications space and operation of internet exchanges, our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class products and services.